The Bra You Actually Want to Wear

Women Rejoice: A Bra You Actually Want To Wear

For most women, bras are a necessary evil.

There is too much padding or not enough. Straps slide off our shoulders or dig into our skin. Wires and hooks stab us in weird places all day. There is the dreaded gap…or even worse, we’re spilling over the top and have four boobs. The struggles are REAL, folks!

To make it worse, just when we think we have the right size or style and stock up in every color, we have a kid, bounce back, have another one and work to get our figures back yet again. But as many of us can confirm, things do not always stay the same size or shape and gravity and breastfeeding are not our friends.

After a couple kids and multiple bra fittings, many friends and I still struggle to find a go-to style: one that is comfy for everyday wear, sexy enough for the man and holds up well in the washer.

During a recent trip to the mall, I walked into Victoria’s Secret looking for deals on undies and discovered their new limited edition Lounge Bra. Retails for $39.50.

I’m. In. Love.

These comfy bras offer built-in support but with no sharp wires. The bra features minimal padding with a racer back style but no adjustable straps that are falling off or get too tight. And best of all, there are no hooks on the back. I throw it on just like I would a sports bra. I like this style so much that I bought three of them on the spot.

It comes in basic colors like nude and black but also in great shades like pale pink, burgundy, deep gray and a beautiful blue. Matching undies are a must so you might as well stock up on those, too!

Head to your nearest VS and try one on! I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria The Lounge Bra

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