The Velvet Bull Barbecue Sauce

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The Velvet Bull Barbecue Sauce

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Hey Y’all, the Velvet Bull Barbecue Sauce is a blend between a tomatoe based BB’q sauce and a vinegar based sauce.  The recipe is a blend of our two families and the love that binds us.  Some have said that it should be its own food group.  We enjoy it on fish, chicken (think wings too), shrimp and beef.  Rumor has it you can disguise broccoli!

“One Lick and Your Sauced!”

– The Bull

2 reviews for The Velvet Bull Barbecue Sauce

  1. velvetbull

    Hey, thanks for trying the sauce, please leave us a comment and share a recipe or two!
    – The Bull

  2. velvetbull

    “Great BBQ sauce. Made with quality ingredients. Great tomato flavor. we really liked the spicy notes that hit at the end. not overly sugary like most sauces bought at the store. So good. Will be getting more.”
    – Bob Fender

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